Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dinosauroidia.... What is?

Well, title, that is an excellent question to ask. And for the answer, we must go back to the very beginning. The beginning of the 1990's.

Back in the 1990's, some 65 million years after dinosaurs went extinct, there were lots of ways to entertain oneself. Namely, there was grunge music, but also, there was this other thing called 'buying dinosaur books'. The latter proved to be really awesome, and out-lasted the former. In one of those dinosaur books there were many awesome pages, but there was one page that was uniquely awesome in that it had a picture of a Troodon that had evolved into a humanoid. Serendipitously, this morning I have happened upon an image of the page exactly as it first appeared to me so many years ago. Through the magic of blogging technology I have included that image here, in this blog that you are reading, to the left of these words.

Dale Russel's famous "Dinosauroid," first presented to the world in 1982, was my first foray into the hypothetical or theoretical world of evolved dinosaurs. A world I now call Dinosauroidia. But what else is Dinosauroidia?

Good question, sentence. It is, in fact, probably the best research project of all time: officially, it is all that which concerns hypothetical, hyper-intelligent and sentient species evolved from dinosaur lineage. It is also a word that I made up. And it is awesome.

Don't you see, now? I intend to scour the vast, endless, strange edges of the internet for any and all versions of the concept, both scientific and fantastical. Don't you get it? Don't you get that the proposed evolution could have occurred on-earth or off-earth, that it may be maniraptoran or non-maniraptoran? And that representations both visual and literal will be brought to light?

Will no avenue be unexplored? Yes, no avenue will be unexplored!


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  2. i came for the dinosauroidia not this pot farm guy

    now moments ago for the second time in life the word dinosauroidia was stuck in my head... I haven't thought of that word or alien dinosaurs in awhile and somehow I remembered and did a search and here was this blog... exactly like the first time I looked up dinosauroidia in 2014 or so after watching a YouTube video that ended suggesting dinosaurs might not have gone extinct if some evolved and became the little green aliens were familiar with and that was so exciting I will never forget that feeling I was like "woooaahhh" and then a bigger surprise when I looked it up after the video in 2014 and there's a blog about it from none other than my favorite person in the multiunispiderverse although proof is only with those around me like the people on my side of the stargate. family and it's not as cool to them, forgive me if english doesn't seem like my first language but it's so amazing in a cosmic sabermtetrically measurable way how many coincidences can exist with the same two people butt if a tree falls and someone's not he other side of the stargate does anyone know anything happened? these mini world series moments like why would I find out about dinosauroidia there's no movies about that it was some random day years ago and then today some reason but this time I knew the word concept and the existence of the blood and last time I did not... i tell you this as you are someone who scours over books and math statistics and enjoys massive stuff like dinosaurs the universe and math rock and the world series yet doesn't see God or me or miracles or magic other than what's on a book... What drives that exploration of a man who wants to see every color of the rainbow and not understand the pot of gold but enjoys when good fortune is bestowed... feels like losing a radio signal from the other side of a stargate but the universe makes me dream curveballs lol and you can't imagine how hard it is to explain... so it stays a mystery and I will enjoy the feeling when it happens and hope someday there's a chance of figuring this out with the other half of the rosetta stone to understand it all... you keep exploring whatever you want for yourself and I will keep my ..hmm.. channel open like can't disappear can't hang up or it all stops and that would be the real loss, I care more about preserving what's extraordinary and hoping to understand but also go ahead and keep enjoying the good stuff you already have and sorry about typos I wrote this really quick and I have to go to the store

  3. if androids can be sentient like data and even though data is built like a modern 1980s man like kind brent spiner looking ;) does that mean they can also evolve like we do emotionally and then physically and they will become droidroidia or like droidroidians like mandalorians and maybe that's why they never take off their mask from season one because they have robocop bodies with faces I edward james olmos couldn't handle lol but I can't ladysplaine the mandalorians it's their choice what they do with their masks, with mando's it's their mask their choice ;)

  4. lone,
    your friend pearl
    it keeps saying unknown even though I'm signed it .. I thought I'd grow up and be good at computers like lex but it doesn't grow on you like boobs you have to make those boobs happen to yourself, like..in life. and me I have to make groceries happen and also some guy made lightsabers happen in Canada and I saw a YouTube video of the guiness records for the first official lightsaber so it's cool because that means all this star wars and like star trek technology keeping up with the cardassians invisible ships lol and we have that technologies by now so that means the best shows about outer space are becoming real life.. it's realistic fiction like stranger than fiction..oops I have to talk and type at the same time this is hard feel good

  5. ps remember that lady doctor when dr krusher went on vacation or somewhere for awhile and then that blonde curly lady doctor was so mean to data like treating him like a hunk of human-looking garbage and someone prob geordi had to be like "back off miss, he's alive"

    i forgot why I brought that up butt what was up with that? good thing dr krusher came back for coffee and croissants and to be like "data is our friend, later blondie"

    i woke up and I'm re-reading this now and blood was one of those typos I was talking about from before lol that's supposed to say blog but my phone likes to make me feel faint I guess lol